From very small sizes for items office supplies to shoe storage boxes and very large Clear Boxes containers for comforters and out of season clothing, there is a shape and size for every storage purpose. The clear plastic is transparent allowing for viewing the contents easily and enabling quick access to stored items. They are organized but not completely out of sight and out of mind. The cost of theses organizers is reasonable. They are available at all price levels and all sorts of stores. Discount stores have more general purpose containers that are more multi-purpose while specialty stores have specifically designed clear plastic containers that are for unique uses. Clear plastic storage boxes are perfect for organizing pantries, cabinets, entertainment centers, children's toys, keepsakes, makeup, clothing, shoes and even the garage clutter that is so hard to manage.

Some storage containers are airtight which makes them useful for storing cereals. Other containers can be locked for valuable items to be held. Some are even weatherproof which is important for outdoor storage and in garages and basements of high humidity areas. A good guideline for utilizing clear plastic storage is to sort, separate and store. Whatever the area to be organized, the process is the same: sort first, then separate and finally store. If organizing a bedroom closet space, first sort through the items, separating them into like and alike groupings: seasons, workout, casual, office, dressy, etc. Then store the out of season items and put the shoes least worn in clear plastic shoe storage boxes. Even though the container is see-through, it is still a good idea to label the outside (i.e. black pumps, black flats, navy blue pumps). Use large clear plastic storage boxes for items that you have more of or are bulkier. Large storage boxes are ideal for coats, quilts, comforters and other items that are big but not heavy. Books would be more suited for smaller storage boxes because they weigh more when grouped together and the boxes become heavy. If you do use the large storage boxes for frequently used items, make sure to put the items most used at the top for easier access. Smaller containers with no lids work well in drawers and cabinets to hold everyday items like socks and underwear or household cleaning products. Items that are hidden away can look neater and stay confined without lids especially if they are used everyday and you need quick access to them.

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