An organized room can be quite impossible for those of us who have too much stuff, too little space. We dream about it happening one day, while we live with all of our stuffs filling every space and every gap in our house. You can always choose to throw things out to make more space or you can choose to use plastic storage boxes to organize your things. Yup, these storage boxes are all you need to clean up you place. Now, you don't just go out to the store and buy the first plastic storage box that you see. You would need to arm yourself with a couple of information first, to make sure that you choose the best storage box for your needs. Before purchasing any storage boxes, you need to know how many you would need for all of the stuffs that you need to store. The advantage of using Clear Boxes, on the other hand, is that you don't have to dig inside each box to see what you're looking for.

Put all of your things in one room, and organize them according to what goes together in one box. Put all books, shirts, shoes and hats together. Then divide each per "category". Like, all formal shoes go together as well as all underwear and all extra dishes that you may not use for another year or two. Doing this will help you get the exact number of boxes that you would need, and would save you from spending money on extras that may just end up as part of the clutter. Now that you know how many boxes you need, you need to know how much space you have for them. Remember that the whole idea of using storage boxes is to be able to clear things away, and not to have a room filled with these boxes.

You also want to consider whether you want to use colored or plastic storage boxes. Colored ones are great for organizing things that you may not currently use. You can put clothes in different colored boxes for each season, or you can have each kid's toys inside a box of their favorite color. You can easily see each box's contents, no need to take everything out. Not only do you consider colored or clear plastic storage boxes, you would also want a sturdy box. Look for something that wouldn't break easily. You especially need to consider this is you plan to place heavy items in one box like books or dishes. Storage boxes with wheels are also great for such items; you could just push them around as carrying them might either break the box or break your back. Using this type of storage method will help in your quest for home organization.

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