Century New Energy Network (Reporter Zhang Song) reported: on the evening of May 15, Zhonglai Co., Ltd. announced that on May 12, 2018, Zhonglai Co., Ltd. and Yellow River Hydropower Co., Ltd. signed the “Solar panels Sales Cooperation Framework Agreement” to establish strategic cooperation. Partnerships to jointly develop domestic new energy market projects. Among them, Solar panels purchase up to 5GW.


Many research institutions predict that the N-type Bifacial Double Glass Solar Panel will the future direction of the photovoltaic industry and will become mainstream in 2027.

And we are now selling that N-type Bifacial Double Glass Solar Panel that high efficiency, long service life, and more power generation.


What is N-type Bifacial Double Glass Solar Panel?

The N-type Bifacial Double Glass Solar Panels is not only generate electricity from the front of solar panel,is also generate electricity from the back of solar panel,which can increase the overall output power generation of the Monocrystalline Solar Panels.


What are the characteristics of N-type Bifacial Double Glass Solar Panel?

1,Additional Power Generation Gain:30-years linear performance warranty,more than 30% additional power gain.

2,ZERO LID(light induced degradation):NO LID,more power generation

3,ZERO PID(Potential induced degradation):Bifacial double glass design,PID free.

4,Higher Security:Higher fire safety class to minimize fire risks.

5,Better Weak Illumination Response:Higher power output,even under low-light settings.

6,Wider Application:No water-permeability and high wear-resistance,can be widely used in high-humid,windy and dusty area.

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