Do you want to custom wheels for vehicle?


The automotive wheels are improved by improving the performance of the automobile, and when the tire outer diameter is constant, the large automotive wheels is necessary to cooperate with the wide flat tire, and the lateral swing of the vehicle is small, and the stability is improved. But the more flat the tire, the thinner the thickness, the worse the shock absorption performance, and the greater sacrifice of the comfort.


In addition, a little gravel and other roadblocks a Ge, tire easily damaged. Therefore, the cost of blind enlarging the automotive wheels can not be ignored. In general, according to the size of the original car wheel to increase the number one or two is the most appropriate.


Complex, multi spoke wheels and staggered wheels are really beautiful, they look good, but they're easy to be washed or overcharged when they're washing the car, because it's too cumbersome to clean. Simple wheels are dynamic and neat.


Forged aluminum wheels, compared with the previous casting wheels, casting wheels, the deformation resistance has been greatly improved, the weight is greatly reduced, the car power loss is small, run fast, oil saving and good heat dissipation.


An automotive wheels contains many parameters, and each parameter will affect the use of vehicles, so before refitting and maintenance of the wheel, you must confirm these parameters.



1. wheel size: in fact, the diameter of the wheel, we often hear 18 inch wheels, 19 inch wheels, such as the statement, which 18, 19 inches refers to the size of the automotive wheels (diameter).

Generally speaking, on the car, large wheel size and high tire flat ratio can play a good tension effect in vision, and it will also increase in vehicle handling stability, but the consequent increase of fuel consumption is such an additional problem.


2. wheel width: automotive wheels width is commonly known as J value, the width of the automotive wheels directly affects the choice of the tire, the same size of the tire, J value is different, the choice of tire flat ratio and width is also different.


3. PCD and holes: PCD professional name is called pitchcirclediameter, refers to the wheel center of the fixing bolts between the diameter of the hole is the most general wheel 5 bolts and 4 bolts, and the distance of the bolt, but also have different, so we can often hear 4X103, 5X114.3, 5X112 like this as in the case of 5X114.3, on behalf of the star wheel is PCD 114.3mm, a 5 bolt hole.

When choosing forged wheels, PCD is one of the most important parameters. For the sake of safety and stability, it is better to choose PCD wheel which is consistent with the original car to upgrade.


4. wheel offset: English is Offset, commonly known as ET, wheel bolt face and the geometric center line (wheel centerline cross section) the distance between said wheel is simpler intermediate screw fixed seat and the center of the entire rim difference, popular point that is modified after the automotive wheels is indented or protrude.

For the general car, the ET value is positive, and is negative for a few vehicles and some jeeps. For example, a car's offset is 40, if put ET45 wheels, visually it will be more than the original wheels retracted into the wheel arches.

ET values not only affect the visual changes, have a relationship, steering wheel alignment angle it with vehicle, the gap is too large offset value may lead to abnormal tire wear, bearing wear, or even impossible to properly install.

In most cases, the same brand of the same type of hub will provide different ET values can be selected, before the modification to consider the comprehensive factors, the most insurance situation is that without changing the braking system, maintain the automotive wheels ET value is the same as the original ET value.


5. automotive wheels center hole: the central hole is used to connect the fixed part of the vehicle, that is, the center of the auto wheels and the concentric circle position, the diameter of the size of the impact of the installation of the wheel hub can ensure that the geometric center of the wheel can be consistent with the geometric center of the auto wheels. Although the auto wheels can convert the hole distance, this modification is risky and is used carefully.



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