Transparent PVC Box is being used for packaging food and consumer products, hardware and other items for many years. The major reason behind widespread use of this type of packaging is that it brings in a range of important benefits those are difficult to reproduce at a reasonable cost by using any other packaging method. A clamshell package is made of custom molded thermoformed plastic that fits with a particular product or group of products and they are now available in a variety of sizes and styles for different uses. Moreover new clamshell packaging designs are coming up with new easy opening options to make opening these packages easy for the customers. This type of packaging is typically designed for displaying consumer durables on a rack in a point of purchase and now they are also being widely used for industrial applications for bulk packaging various components and parts as well as fragile electronic assemblies.

For many years plastic clamshell packaging method has been so prevalent that it is really difficult to find an industry where this type of packaging is not used. One of the major advantages of clamshell packaging is its ability to protect a product against pilferage. It is not always easy to open clamshell packages and though it is often frustrating for the consumers but it can successfully keep product theft within limit helping in containing the cost of the product. As clamshells can also provide moisture protection and product stabilization it is a good choice for packaging high value items too. Products those might get damaged from extreme weather conditions or fragile items those require careful handling also find clamshell containers an appealing and effective packaging solution. Findings from a few recently conducted studies have showed that products those are available in the market in clear plastic clamshell are 400% more attractive to the consumers than similar products those come in paperboard boxes.

The results also show that this type of packaging is easier to find and are also viewed more often and for longer periods by the customers. In addition to these, customers are also four times more likely to purchase a product in clear plastic clamshell than buying an equivalent product in a cardboard box. There is absolutely no doubt that plastic clamshell packaging is beneficial for almost all the different industries – but considering the difficult economy globally and the instability of petroleum based materials, companies are now scuttling all types of plastic as best as they can and are looking for an alternative of clamshells. They are now opting for eco-friendly frustration-free packaging. But this is never going to be easy, for finding equally attractive and useful packaging technique at such affordable cost can be more difficult than it seems and no wonder that plastic clamshells are still being used widely all over the world.

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