Folding Carton Manufacturer is everywhere in our day-to-day lives. They are very common in shopping centers, grocery stores, and in the industries which are either small or large in size. The name of the commonly referred card board boxes is actually known as the corrugated boxes. They have a variety of usage both for domestic and industrial purposes such as boxes which are used for doing any kind of major / minor shift of the houses, in shipping and packaging industry, in large industries to pack light weight to the heavy weight machines. The reason for the popular and widespread usage of the corrugated boxes is due to the sturdiness and also the durability of these boxes when it comes to withstand the weight of the materials that are packed within these boxes. The word corrugated means anything which has grooves and ridges in an alternating pattern.

The basic material that is needed for the preparation of the corrugated boxes is the paperboard. They are manufactured from basically two types of paperboards they are called as the Kraft and test. Kraft paperboard: These paperboards are manufactured from the paper of the softwood trees, this paperboard is the most strongest and hence it can be effectively used for printing logos and names on the outer side of the paperboard. Test Paperboard: This type of paperboard is also known as the duplex paperboard, it is made up of double layer of papers. The standard cartons which are manufactured from this type of paper mostly use the recycled paper for creating the flutes and liners of the corrugated boxes. The liner papers which are used in the test paperboard are manufactured in a way that they contain two layers, in which one layer is called the fine layer and the second layer is called the basic layer.

The basic layer of the paper is the inner layer which provides the strength and adhesion to the corrugated box. It is essential that you understand the type of papers, which is the basis for determining the weight of the paper. All the papers are measured in the same way, which is take one square meter of the paper and find out its weight and you get a result of some x grams per square meter, this is called as the GSM of the corrugated box. The GSM value of the box helps to determine the thickness of the box, from which we can ascertain the weight of the box, the more the weight more is the strength of the box. The Ply value of the corrugated means the thickness of the corrugated box which is got by combining the layers of papers which is used for the manufacturing of the boxes.

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