Clear Plastic Tube is some of the most commonly used fixtures among businesses, and this is very likely thanks to the variety of shapes, styles, and sizes in which they're available. Of course, adding an extra accessory to these already useful fixtures - such as lids - can only increase their appeal! Whether you own or manage a retail store, restaurant, or home, the top three uses of clear plastic containers with lids listed below will help you learn how you can make the best use out of these convenient fixtures. No matter what they sell, retail stores around the globe rely on clear plastic containers to help organize, display, and store their merchandise. If you own or manage a retail store, you can use these fixtures in your stock room or under your associates' countertops to organize everything from small kinds of merchandise waiting to be moved to the floor to tools your associates frequently use such as rolls of price tags and sales stickers. You can also use these fixtures in the main part of your store to display merchandise ready for selling.

You can find containers designed to sit on countertops or display racks and, depending on the kind of merchandise your store sells, you can fill them with everything from small children's toys like bouncy balls to art supplies like beads or packets of glitter. Whether you need a fixture to keep your recipe ingredients safe from dust and debris or you need a tool that will both display and keep fresh edible merchandise outside the kitchen, if you own or manage a restaurant you have a need for clear plastic containers with lids. You can use these fixtures in your kitchen and your stockroom to hold and keep fresh loose ingredients such as flour, sugar, seasonings, and spices, or even items waiting to be displayed on your restaurant's tables such as condiment packets, toothpicks, and hand wipes.

While clear plastic containers with lids work extremely well in a variety of retail store and restaurant situations, they're even more versatile in home settings. Bathrooms, to organize and display toiletries like cotton balls and Q-Tips, as well as first-aid tools like bandages, tape, and packets of pain reliever and alcohol and disinfectant wipes. Play and rec rooms, to organize and store small children's toys like building blocks as well as craft items like glitter and sequins, spools of thread and packets of sewing needles, and scissors, rulers, and small tubes of glue. Garages and work sheds, to store and organize work- and repair-related items like nails, nuts, bolts, screws, and thumb tacks. Basements and attics, to store and organize any kind of small item you're not currently using in your main home.

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