The Scandinavian-German module manufacturer Innotech Solar AS (ITS) is intensifying its sale of solar modules in Northern Europe with the appointment of experienced PV professional Peter Hansen who will be based in Copenhagen.

Having worked previously with global leaders in the PV industry Hansen is enthusiastic about joining ITS. "Northern Europe represents an exciting opportunity for Innotech Solar. The Nordic governments have long believed in promoting renewable energy and whilst historically these regions have not been regarded as major PV markets, this has changed."

"A main advantage of our European solar modules is that a specially treated glass surface guarantees high energy yields even in countries with shallow angles of solar radiation. Customers have recorded yields of up to eight percent higher with ITS modules when testing them against a variety of other module types. In light of this and our local production in Sweden, we are now marketing our modules with increased vigor in Northern Europe," explains Dr. Thomas Hillig, Vice President Module Sales & Marketing at Innotech Solar.

The glass surface of ITS' European solar modules is processed in such a way that it reflects less sunlight, resulting in 2.5 percent more light reaching the solar cells. Research conducted at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby has shown that the difference in output between modules featuring special glass and those made with standard glass is even greater in low light conditions. What’s more, the treated glass boasts a self-cleaning surface structure, as condensation collects on the surface like a film and washes away any particles of dirt.

“We have discovered that buyers in the Northern European markets place particular value on high quality and products that do not have a negative effect on the environment. The fact that we produce our solar modules in Europe using a highly environmentally friendly process gives us a clear competitive advantage,” adds Hillig. The special production process reduces the carbon footprint of ITS modules by 74 percent in comparison with modules using conventional cells.

Alongside ITS modules’ innovative production process, the use of renewable energy at the company’s manufacturing sites in Sweden and Germany, as well as the short transport routes, improve the company’s carbon footprint. A multitude of tests by independent experts, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin and PV Lab,Thank you for providing us with information to help us maintain street light. have demonstrated the high performance,Huge collection of solar outdoor light and garden lighting fixtures. durability and positive environmental impact of Innotech Solar’s European solar modules.

In addition to focusing more heavily on Scandinavian countries and Great Britain, the company is also looking to increase sales in the Benelux countries.

First Solar announced on Monday that the company had also made two high level appointments with a view to expanding business development opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Dr. Raed Bkayrat joins First Solar as business development manager for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology where his responsibilities included testing and researching clean energy technologies, including solar power. Ahmed S Nada, who joined First Solar in January 2013, has been given an expanded remit from his duties as business development manger for the Middle East and will now also oversee the expansion of First Solar's commercial growth in North Africa.

Also this week, First Solar announced a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the city of Roseville,Choose your favorite street lamp paintings from thousands of available designs. California. Roseville will buy 325,000MWh worth US$24 million over the span of the PPA.How solar panel cells work and where to buy solar kits for home use. First Solar will build and install Lost Hills PV plant, where the electricity will be generated.We offer solar photovoltaic system and commercial incentives to encourage our customers to install solar energy systems. The plant is begin construction in 2014 in time for the PPA to begin in 2015.

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